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Aerospace Science and engineering launched the Chinese version of the industrial Internet platform INDICS
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In the new round of global industrial revolution, the new generation of information technology represented by cloud computing and manufacturing industry is accelerating integration, and is leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. By the China Aerospace Science and Engineering Corporation to build the industrial Internet cloud platform INDICS officially released in June 15th worldwide, which is the world's first batch of domestic first industrial Internet cloud platform.
Seize the "window period" of industrial Internet development"
INDICS, is based on the industrial data driven, as the core of the industrial Internet platform open cloud computing, big data, networking technology, can realize the full interoperability of products, machines, data, and integration of people.
In the "Internet plus intelligent manufacturing" the rapid development and wide popularization of the moment, the global manufacturing industry is entering the era of platform competition. In the world, the United States Ge Corp (GE) and the German company SIEMENS have launched their own Predix industrial Internet cloud platform and MindSphere industrial cloud platform, cloud platform application has penetrated into the manufacturing industry research and development, production, management, marketing, logistics, service and all other processes, the continuing changes in the manufacturing sector, production research and innovation system organization and management mode.
The construction of China's industrial Internet related ecosystem is expected to profoundly change the international division of labor and international trade competition in the future, and also provide a rare historical opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to achieve "overtaking corners".
Chairman Gao Hongwei said the aerospace science and industry, has a relatively perfect system of China's manufacturing industry, business complete, complete industrial chain, is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading of the industrial development of the Internet, we must seize the "window period", INDICS can not only meet the needs of enterprises of all types of industrial cloud platform, is a new generation of information technology and industry the integration of development, safeguard the sovereignty of China's manufacturing industry.
In early 2009, academician of Chinese Aerospace Science and industry Li Bohu the first mention Izumo manufacturing, aerospace yunwang since 2015 since the beginning, aerospace science and industry for the design of the mission framework clear: to be able to support the industrial enterprise intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, cloud manufacturing process, support enterprise intelligent operation support the whole interaction between enterprises and users from the product customization service to customer service and support between enterprise information exchange, resource sharing, collaboration, openness and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win "business activities, support enterprise organization, resources without borders, enterprise products, manufacturing enterprises have no limits, scale, capacity constraints, enterprises sales, market accessibility" ecological form.
At the same time, the aerospace industry has made a full analysis of China's national conditions and the general trend of industrial development in the era of information technology, and planned INDICS business areas. "Because most of China's manufacturing industries are in the" 2 age "of industry, a few are in the" 3 age "of industry, and a few are located at both ends of industry 1 and industry 4. From the perspective of Chinese truth, INDICS need to have more than the United States and Germany industrial Internet, must serve the manufacturing industry of old and new shape, size, various system, various formats of the main body of the market, with the whole process, all elements, the whole ecological service to users." Gao Hongwei says.
Eliminate "information isolated island" in production chain"
Gao Hongwei said that through the integration of configuration of Aerospace Science and industry and society all kinds of high-quality resources, industrial Internet platform Aerospace Science and industry to promote industrial manufacturing information exchange, resource sharing, collaboration, and intelligent transformation of line traction, intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing, to create online and offline combined manufacturing service combination, innovation and Entrepreneurship with industrial Internet ecosystem.
From the aerospace digital industrial system construction practice, INDICS industry is an open cloud platform, the system structure is divided into five layers of industrial application of APP cloud platform layer, platform layer, access layer, industrial networking layer and industrial equipment layer etc..
Aerospace network chairman Shu Jinlong introduced an open platform, INDICS for the aerospace science and industry internal application and the three party Internet industrial application, environment and construction of a unified standard, providing access to equipment, running environment, data analysis and application of APP access and other services.
"This is good than the Android system in the field of mobile phone, general cloud platform and INDICS to do a industry." Shu Jinlong said that people can load new applications through it to analyze, predict, diagnose and improve the efficiency of existing industrial machines.
Around INDICS, CASIC grasp the "national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide (2015 Edition)", "the Internet industry standard system" essence, combined with practical experience and thinking in the field of the Internet industry in the future, the formation of "cloud platform intelligent reconstruction based on standard system", including the general cloud, platform technology, intelligent equipment, industrial networking technology, factory intelligence, security and other 6 parts, covering the whole field of intelligent transformation technology.
On the other hand, INDICS also build online and offline linkage, open up the virtual and reality of industrial development interactive platform.
The collaborative economy requires the parties to break the "fight the enemy separately" limitation, the development of the manufacturing industry need to consciously cultivate thinking ability and collaborative sharing. Through efficient integration and sharing of high quality resources at home and abroad, INDICS platform platform can provide enterprises with the entire process of covering industry chain and all factors, and provide cloud manufacturing services

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