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Seize the construction of "new hub The Belt and Road" manufacturing opportunities
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In June 12th, Henan Airlines voted with Luxemburg International Cargo Airlines (hereinafter referred to as the Luxemburg Cargo Airlines) signed a "joint venture agreement", plans to set up a joint venture with Zhengzhou as the base of the domestic cargo airlines, Luxemburg airlines cargo through the sharing of technology and management and cyber source, build aviation capacity based on Zhengzhou airport, the backbone of the global market for aviation the highlands and the world logistics link.
This also means that in Henan province to take the initiative to strengthen the "Belt and Road Initiative" integrated transport hub and logistics center itself. After Henan boat purchases Luxemburg to acquire 35% stake in cargo boat, have already relied on the aviation resource of this company, opened a number of intercontinental freight line, built the international air cargo network skeleton that covers the whole world.
In fact, Henan's ambition is far beyond the hub of integrated transportation and logistics. In June 9th, the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) and the Henan provincial government jointly organized the "Chinese Zheng Luoxin made 2025" pilot city group official launch ceremony was held in Zhengzhou, this also means that Henan province will also be in the manufacturing sector increased to second positions, even beyond strengthen position in Henan province "The Belt and Road construction, make more contribution to the construction of" The Belt and Road ".
Song Xiangqing, vice president of Beijing Normal University Government Management Research Institute believes that a long time to build the transportation system in Henan Province, Henan province has the economic hinterland of the economies of scale to achieve the effective promotion, and these resources will also be increased in the hinterland of Henan province manufacturing industry to achieve a prerequisite for effective transformation and upgrading.
A naturally growing logistics Province
In 2015, Henan Province issued the "Henan province to participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") in Henan province is still a typical logistics characteristic of their own position, such as "The Belt and Road" an integrated transport hub and logistics center "," the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor region cooperation is an important platform for the "and" inland open highland "etc..
Henan's position on itself has also been recognized at the national level. In August 31, 2016 the establishment of a free trade zone in Henan's decision, strategic positioning of Henan "to institutional innovation as the core, to copy can be extended to the basic requirements, accelerate the construction of modern three-dimensional traffic system, the North-South East-West connecting and modern logistics system, the free trade zone construction as a service in the" The Belt and Road. "The construction of a modern integrated transport hub, a comprehensive reform and opening up of experimental field and the inland open economy demonstration area."
Director of Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences Institute of geography, Feng Dexian believes that Henan province is in the center of Chinese north-south and east-west, do logistics natural advantages, but also in Henan province in recent years have focused on Henan province traffic logistics channel to build refined and systematic, effective release of taking advantage of the special location of Henan.
Song Xiangqing believes that, to build Zhengzhou as the core of the high iron rice shaped line structure and city group of Central Plains highway system, the influence of Henan traffic logistics greatly extended, increasing economic hinterland area and hinterland economy, but also for the Henan province to build the industrial cooperation between the provincial city and strengthen the "Belt and Road Initiative" in a modern integrated transport hub.
In the past few years, in addition to the construction of infrastructure, traffic in Henan Province on soft power construction is accelerated further, especially for the The Belt and Road ". In 2013 August, by the Henan Zhengzhou direct European freight trains officially opened, central trains began normal operation; in 2014 December, Henan Province Airport Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Luxemburg International Airport in Zhengzhou to double hub strategic development patterns in the Asia Pacific Logistics Center, Luxemburg for the European logistics center officially launched before, Henan Airlines voted to acquire 35% stake in Luxemburg cargo.
Henan province has been incorporated into the "The Belt and Road", Henan province and Eastern Europe and more frequent "The Belt and Road" countries actively cooperate gradually in aviation, industrial manufacturing, agricultural technical cooperation and investment funds and other fields, by strengthening the economic aspects of Zhengzhou, strengthen communication and exchange in Henan "The Belt and Road" the key node status.
Henan governor Chen Runer is set up in the Henan free trade test area, to accurately grasp the strategic positioning, after 3 to five years of efforts, the free trade zone construction become the transportation logistics developed, high-end industrial agglomeration, investment and trade facilitation, efficient supervision, radiation driven high level free trade area obviously.
Executive vice president of Henan Province, the supply chain association secretary general Lu Qiuyi believes that Henan province in the manufacturing sector behind the eastern city, relying on the geographical advantages of Henan and transport infrastructure advantages, make effective path is also strong amplification of Henan "The Belt and Road" key nodes advantage of Henan Province logistics industry, through the gathering drive the high-end manufacturing industry cluster logistics, strengthen Henan's high-end manufacturing capacity.

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